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Judah's Glory has been on the net since 1997, founded in 1987. Please pray for our free ministry, to be kept safe from attempts to merchandise it. The main site will return shortly. Until then, please use the links below to access many of the materials available still


Any small donations may be sent to the address below. Judah's Glory IS NOT a 5013c State registered corporation: this is quite intentional, in order that the clear biblical mandate of Christ as head of the Church remain untouched. The work is a labor of love, albeit labor intensive, and we do welcome small donations of a dollar or two here or there, in order to help pay basic costs of staying online and keeping materials free. We have practiced, 'freely given , freely give' since the beginning with regard to our ministry. As such any contribution is probably not tax deductible, but must be seen as a gift to the LORD. Whether or not you contribute, all materials are free for use and download. The primary aim is to lift Christ up and to provide materials for those without budgets at home or in the church or mission field, but even those from large churches are welcome to the downloadable material.

Judah's Glory has been primarily funded by ourselves for 26 years, and has shown that when God is in a ministry, it is not funds, nor numbers nor buildings that make the difference, but 'Christ in us, the hope of Glory'. Many blessings.

Contact: Director & Author: Elizabeth Kirkley Best
Judah's Gloryor [email protected]
Mailing Address:Judah's Glory: 4524A Cinnamon Ridge Trail, Eagan MN 55122
PLEASE NOTE: Phone: (920)242-0649

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